A Minecraft Story (English, Arabic) by Good Samaritan Primary School

A Minecraft Story (English, Arabic)

By Good Samaritan Primary School

  • Publication Date: 2014-08-29
  • Genre: Education
3 Score: 3 (From 3,074 Ratings)

Book Overview

Good Samaritan is a Primary School in Roxburgh Park, Victoria, Australia.
This series of books celebrates some of the many cultures that we have at our school.

For this series of books, we are focusing on the Arabic and Chaldean languages. We have created books that are in English, and then we have translated these into our native languages. You will also hear us speak in English, Arabic and Chaldean. We have taken photos, videos and more to tell our stories.

Books were made completely by us, the students (so please excuse any typos!) and some of us are using English for the first time.

We hope you like them and they help you learn a new language like we are!


EAL students,
Good Samaritan Primary School

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