Dahlia Babies by Claire Townson

Dahlia Babies

By Claire Townson

  • Publication Date: 2014-03-21
  • Genre: Children's Fiction

Book Overview

Meet the Dahlia Babies. Harvey the dog and Tara the cat, they're the size of a pea no bigger than that. There's Roxy the bunny and Mia the mouse, each of them live in a toadstool house. Then last but not least and he's not very big, there's Ty Ty the littlest guinea pig. What adventures they'll have you never can tell, but along the way they'll help you learn to spell. With the Flower of knowledge to lend a hand, come and join in the fun in Dahlia Land. This first story takes your child into the secret world of the Dahlia Babies on their first alphabet adventure. With eye catching illustrations and cute characters this book is a fun filled journey from beginning to end.

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