Sad Poetry by Niklas Terwort

Sad Poetry

By Niklas Terwort

  • Publication Date: 2013-09-20
  • Genre: Poetry
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 297 Ratings)

Book Overview

This book is made of 10 poems. These poems are either about love, family, friends or bullying. I have got to know a lot of depressed people over the years and these poems are dedicated to them, they tell those people's problems. But, some are also about my life. If you like sad and depressing poetry you will surely love this book!

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Recent Reviews

  • Sad poetry

    By good hair becky
    This book was so touching, from cover to cover. I don’t know if it was because how you g she is or if it’s because her writing speaks out to so many, she’s so wise. An amazing writer.
  • Yea

    By Kiya brown
    I love this book myself I'm a cutter this book describes me. 👌🏾
  • Truth

    By Hjjjhuhy
    I loved this book because 1 I love poetry and 2 because it really opened my eyes to how what people say can effect the lives of others.
  • Page 24

    By Critic 34536373
    The only error I found was on page 24 where he spelled skin wrong
  • Poems

    By Pretty on Fleek princess
    These poems are really good👏🏾
  • Amazing

    By Smiling but dying
    I love this. It's sad but it's a good book because it explains how some people feel about life.
  • This helped so much!

    By Abby billingsley
    I just want to say to who ever wrote these poems, you are an amazing person for wanting to help people that have crap they are going through. Those are like real life stories that really help people! I know it helped my. So thank you love😘😘
  • Sad Poetry

    By lovemeharder1234
    These are great poems just never commit it will get beetter i promos.!!
  • 😮

    By Kyla skye
    Honestly this book was amazing I really love these poems it shows emotion💕
  • Amazing

    By Petaholic468
    This book was really awesome I know that it is sad but I like it mostly because it relates so much to my own life I have come so close to suicide so many times I have even wrote several notes but each time someone stops me but anyway love the book and I totally feel for them