Girl's Guide to Witchcraft by Mindy Klasky

Girl's Guide to Witchcraft

By Mindy Klasky

  • Publication Date: 2011-11-04
  • Genre: Paranormal
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 66 Ratings)

Book Overview

Jane Madison has a problem. Or two. Or three. She’s unhappily working as a librarian. She has a crush on her oblivious Imaginary Boyfriend. And she just learned she won’t receive a well-deserved raise; instead, she can live for free in a cottage on the library grounds.

When Jane settles into her new home, she discovers a hidden chamber lined with ancient books about witchcraft. Her first spell awakens a feline familiar. Her second makes her irresistible to men. Those magical workings attract a sexy magical warder, and Jane’s life is quickly turned upside down.

Does Jane have what it takes to become a real witch?

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Recent Reviews

  • Well-written and fun

    By LaWeezel
    I really enjoyed this series. I read them one book per day until I had consumed all of them. And now I'm sorry I read them so fast! But I really had to find out what would happen next. I liked that truly bad things did happen, but you knew it would end up well. I also liked that there was romance a plenty, but no detailed sex scenes, which I usually page by in other books. Get these and you will really enjoy them. Just try to make each one last a couple days!
  • Girls Guide to Witchcraft

    By Marbilynch
    I really enjoyed this book surprisingly. I especially enjoyed the ending.
  • Wonderful!

    By Bannalover56
    Awesome book. I was glued to every page! Can't wait to read the second book.
  • Awesomeness.

    By str8upsmile
    I loved this book can't wait to find out what is the next step in Janes' journey!