United States Government by Luis Ricardo Fraga

United States Government

By Luis Ricardo Fraga

  • Publication Date: 2013-01-22
  • Genre: National Governments
3 Score: 3 (From 64 Ratings)

Book Overview

Inspire a new generation of social studies students with United States Government: Principles in Practice for iBooks®. This multi-touch and visually engaging textbook offers rich, magazine-style design plus embedded interactive features to maximize learning engagement and higher order thinking skills. Personal stories and interactive elements create active critical thinkers and reinforce the real-world concept that we are all part of the living fabric of our history.

United States Government meets the needs of students of all ability levels with targeted reading support, tools to improve comprehension, and differentiated assessment to support student success.

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Recent Reviews

  • good book

    By CODZILLA331
    nvm it is garbage level trash
  • Bomb diggity doogity

    By +}{€ M45+€R
    This book should be considered one off the great American classics of our time. It's theory of space-time continuum makes Albert Einsteins' e=mc^2 look like child's play. As well, without its commentary on the Great Gatsby, we would've never found out that Mr. Wilson is the real villain of the story.
  • Horrible

    By Fhhsjekwkdjdjddisk
    Absolute garbage, a monkey could've wrote a better book
  • Spent $15 and it wouldn’t download

    By elizzy4
    Won’t download
  • Bomb Diggity

    By tocamelo
    This is the best book yet.