The Mexican Kitchen by Thomas Meyer

The Mexican Kitchen

By Thomas Meyer

  • Publication Date: 2012-05-21
  • Genre: Regional & Ethnic
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Book Overview

History of Mexican Cuisine
The history of the Mexican cuisine dates back approximately 10,000 years, to the era in which an estimated maize was domesticated into the crop which was then the food base of Mesoamerican cultures. This remote origin gives Mexican cuisine a unique cover letter in the competition of Nations, that certainly distinguishes it from other culinary collections
The cuisine of Mexico is characterized by its great variety of dishes and recipes, as well as the complexity of their development. It is known for its distinctive, sophisticated flavors with great seasoning. It brings together both Meso- american and European culinary traditions among many others. Propose here a description of all the influences that he received the Mexican cuisine, this introduction was to become an endless list of national cuisines. Suffice it to note that Mexican cuisine is no stranger to kitchen: Spanish, Cuban, African, Middle Eastern and Asian, to name a few. On November 16, 2010 Mexican cuisine was recognized, with French cuisine, such as intangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO.

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Recent Reviews

  • Nicely done little book

    By LMLee49
    Summaries of everything involved in the Mexican kitchen from history, holidays to descriptions of foods and ingredients. It is not a cookbook, describes in detail more than you’d find in a cookbook when it comes to those ingredients, coffees, cheeses, chilies, etc. A few photographs. Great iBook design and compilation. Very enjoyable.