Beyond the Brady Bunch by Debbie Alsdorf & Ray Alsdorf

Beyond the Brady Bunch

By Debbie Alsdorf & Ray Alsdorf

  • Publication Date: 2010-08-01
  • Genre: Christianity

Book Overview

A message of hope for blended families, from a couple who have been in the trenches - and made it.

Blending a family is far more messy and complicated than any television show portrays. Beyond the Brady Bunch is a heart book, not a how-to book. Christians who find themselves in the midst of step-family life often feel hopeless and far from God, struggling with grief and unforgiveness. From personal experience the authors have found that all the how-to steps in the world don’t work if there isn’t first a heart change. Speaking with honesty and vulnerability they share their own mistakes and how God dealt with their hearts. The book will help stretch hearts, minds and homes past the image of “perfect” and another “happily ever after” into the hope of God’s promise to restore, heal and rebuild.

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Recent Reviews

  • Great for Blended Family Bible Study!

    By 6stringerray
    We chose this book to go through in our blended family bible study and it has been great. Lots of information, but not too "you must do this, not that", like so many other blended family books. Lots of verses to tie in... This book really gave me some good insight and I found it overall, very encouraging.