We Are Being Had..... But By Who?? by Free From Bondage Ministry

We Are Being Had..... But By Who??

By Free From Bondage Ministry

  • Publication Date: 2011-08-19
  • Genre: Religion & Spirituality
4 Score: 4 (From 34 Ratings)

Book Overview

The Bible. God's word. Truth. Is it still? Or are theologians, scholars and educated individuals deciding what parts of the Bible are truth and which parts are not. Is someone telling them to twist the Truth, so we think we believe and follow God's word, but we are actually following worldly thinking. The thinking of people who can only believe what their mortal minds can conceive.
This short book will bring you along in a conversation between the minister of Free From Bondage Ministry and a retired pastor with an impressive list of credentials. The statements from that conversation are then weighed against the Word of God.
And only conclusion can be drawn: Beware!

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Recent Reviews

  • Finished reading "who told you"

    By Caleb joseph
    God has been slowly giving me the word since i was young. Satan misled to thinking the whole thing was a hoax based on corrupt spiritual leaders and holes in the evolving one size fits all religion. I felt like I stuck to gods law better than most people who pretend to love and worship god but still completely under worldly control. the idea that the devil is the best liar (and has had a long time to mimic god) due to the fact he is more relatable in our modern world has always been set in my mind. When my substance abuse was making me feel as if insane or a "split personality" going from one view to the other violently. Not just with religion but politics, human behaviors, and scientific views. Very recently my most recent will power battle left me financially depleted and nearly at a braking point. My addiction was replaced with a need for answers. With about 15 years of attending church and listening to preachers versions, it was time to study the bible (kjv) which eerily led me to the same conclusions before reading who told you. Now i believe in god and owe him everything. i believe there is a huge battle over me for some reason I feel they're both putting more into me than the usual human. before i can feel comfortable helping others I have issues that are keeping me from diving in the war head first. I have nothing to lose but my sole so why is it so hard to take that first leap of faith and addressing these issues at the front-lines churches and schools. Anyway thank you for at least making me feel like I'm the only one who wants to burn the churches and take the sermon back to the mountain tops. God bless have faith and it will be.
  • Marco is correct

    By Ex Lutheran
    I was a Lutheran, I can just about guarantee that the Lutheran pastor involved in this email debate is of the ELCA persuasion. The ELCA HAS OPENLY ADOPTED HOMOSEXUALITY INTO THE CHURCH AS IF IT IS A HOLY AND GOD ORDAINED BEHAVIOR. The ELCA voted out the very words of Christ concerning adultery fundamentally because so many of their pastors are divorced and remarried. In addition, ELCA Bishop Hansen has openly reinstated a female pastor that divorced her husband in favor of her lesbian partner. This lesbian was the featured speaker at all 2009 synod conventions thru which their statement on human sexuality was adopted as doctrine. They have equalled or surpassed the heresy of the Episcopalian church. In addition, they have begun to rewrite the Bible the satisfy what the itchy ears of LGBT caucus wishes to hear. Marco's theology is much more accurate than this so-called Lutheran theologist. Martin Luther would burn this guy at the stake. Sola Scriptura !! Here I stand !
  • Demythology

    By Sis.TC
    I believe every word written in the book. I've always known this was happening, but didn't know it had a specific terminology referring To this topic....demythologize. Keep on warning the people. We all need to be enlightened and delivered out of falsehood.
  • We Are Being Had....

    By rammstone
    The author is in over his head in a debate with a serious biblical scholar in this book. And I almost feel sorry for him, as he cluelessly retreats to his literalistic viewpoints. The one star I gave it is for the scholar, not the author .