The New Constitution by Daniel Whittman

The New Constitution

By Daniel Whittman

  • Publication Date: 2010-01-08
  • Genre: Politics & Current Events
2 Score: 2 (From 31 Ratings)

Book Overview

Because of creeping socialism and communism, the growing police state, lack of public safety, government indoctrination centers for children, porous borders,obscene attempts at justice, regular laws violating the second amendment,theft of social security, career rulers, media propaganda and anti-economy taxes a new constitution is necessary to avoid a bloody revolution. Foreword for critics.

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Recent Reviews

  • Umm....

    By Bigben7509
    If you actually read this, let's say, document it states that any religion that hates America will not be tolerated, but yet the first amendment (to a new document?) is freedom to all religion. How does that work? This is total crap and is a disgrace to the American Constitution!
  • No, seriously

    By I fell off ma ef'n chair
    What planet is this person from? I can't believe the draconian bull$hit spewing from this man's book. Go ahead and run through a maze with dangerous weapons yourself. I'm pretty sure that would sell tickets and raise millions in revenue. Wow!