The Descent of Man by Charles Darwin

The Descent of Man

By Charles Darwin

  • Publication Date: 1882-01-01
  • Genre: Life Sciences
4 Score: 4 (From 27 Ratings)

Book Overview

A book on evolutionary theory. In The Descent of Man, Darwin applies evolutionary theory to human evolution, and details his theory of sexual selection, a form of biological adaptation distinct from, yet interconnected with, natural selection. The book discusses many related issues, including evolutionary psychology, evolutionary ethics, differences between human races, differences between sexes, the dominant role of women in choosing mating partners, and the relevance of the evolutionary theory to society.

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Recent Reviews

  • This Book is Gold ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    By 379075:$&
    Natural Selection is not politically correct, neither is science, sorry. 😄 Natural Selection is happening all the time, it's in our Nature. Darwin was a Brilliant Man. 👍
  • It is a Descent.....

    By Badchicky
    This book could not be more appropriately titled, The Descent of Man, is truly a descent of moral and responsible thinking. Darwin is over reaching in a lot his his ideas, which are I'll founded, and lack evidence. To this day we can not, and will not know, aside from the beliefs of Men, how Man came to be or the formation of the world around him. I believe it to be foolishness to speculate on such topics, for we have no means in which to prove such ideas, which can only lead to great and farther reaching ideas too which we can not obtain any proof. The language and grammar, in this book only leads me to believe that Darwin was in love with him self, and the sound of his own voice. Darwin him self has admitted in this book that his Ideas are not new, and it is obvious that that Darwin is standing on the shoulders of his peers, in a effort to make a name for him self. Darwin is right in that we share a lot of same physical traits as other animals, but this well know to all that these traits are need to survive in this world. Darwin him self admitted in this book, that we are ignorant of understanding of the world around us, in his day he could not even imagine the complexity of even what was considered the simplest building block of life, the cell. It is not too fare to conclude that ignorance is still alive to day, the greater we explore into are own being, the greater and more complex we become. The corner stone of Darwin's thinking is mutation from a simple form to a complex form, we know in this day and age their is nothing simple in this world, and the complexity of this world is only growing the further are understanding grows. In conclusion Darwin lacked the understanding, and proper view point to tackle the origins and descent of Man, which leads this book in the realm of Science fiction.