Confessions by Saint Augustine & R. Pine-Coffin


By Saint Augustine & R. Pine-Coffin

  • Publication Date: 2003-05-29
  • Genre: Christianity

Book Overview

The son of a pagan father and a Christian mother, Saint Augustine spent his early years torn between conflicting faiths and world views. His Confessions, written when he was in his forties, recount how, slowly and painfully, he came to turn away from his youthful ideas and licentious lifestyle, to become instead a staunch advocate of Christianity and one of its most influential thinkers. A remarkably honest and revealing spiritual autobiography, the Confessions also address fundamental issues of Christian doctrine, and many of the prayers and meditations it includes are still an integral part of the practice of Christianity today.

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  • Readability

    By Juvenal1980
    This is perhaps the most readable translation I've found. Very beautiful!