The Cancer Recovery Plan by Barry Boyd & Marian Betancourt

The Cancer Recovery Plan

By Barry Boyd & Marian Betancourt

  • Publication Date: 2005-10-06
  • Genre: Health & Fitness

Book Overview

According to oncologist D. Barry Boyd, controlling weight, becoming active, and reducing stress are not simply nuances of basic well-being; they are absolutely necessary for the successful treatment of cancer. Even with the best medical care, including chemotherapy, a patient's cancer treatment can be sabotaged if these areas are neglected.
In The Cancer Recovery Plan, Dr. Boyd presents his proven integrative program for maximizing the effectiveness of cancer treatment. He lays out a clear, practical nutrition and exercise plan to help cancer patients lose the weight that might impede their recovery, and describes how to reduce stress with such techniques as meditation, tai chi, massage, improving sleep, and building a support network. Along the way, stories from Dr. Boyd's patients-cancer survivors-provide motivation and inspiration. Cancer is not always a hopeless disease. The Cancer Recovery Plan offers readers the hope they need.

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