The Glasswrights Series by Mindy Klasky

The Glasswrights Series

By Mindy Klasky

  • Publication Date: 2017-06-13
  • Genre: Epic

Book Overview

All five novels of an acclaimed fantasy series “full of entertaining twists and turns” (San Francisco Chronicle).

Rani Trader is born a merchant in the kingdom of Morenia, where the caste you’re born into determines the path your life will take. After she gets an apprenticeship at the Glasswrights’ Guild, she discovers secrets beyond her rank, and soon her life will never be the same.

The Glasswrights’ Apprentice: Rani Trader has achieved the high honor of apprenticing in the prestigious Glasswrights’ Guild. But everything goes wrong when she witnesses the murder of the Crown Prince and is accused of being the killer.

The Glasswrights’ Progress: Rani survived the destruction of her family, her Glasswrights’ Guild, and everything else she held dear. She has begun to settle into her new life, living in the palace of Morenia’s new king, but then she’s kidnapped and taken to distant Amanthia where she discovers a plot against her ruler.

The Glasswrights’ Journeyman: Rani’s beloved homeland of Morenia has been destroyed by fire. The only hope for rebuilding is for King Halaravilli to marry a wealthy princess from Liantine, so Rani must set aside her own feelings.

The Glasswrights’ Test: Rani has finally been summoned by her exiled Glasswrights’ Guild to test for the rank of master, something she has wanted for years. She journeys to Brianta for the test and, cut off from all she cherishes, soon realizes that the lives of her loved ones hang in the balance.

The Glasswrights’ Master: Rani escaped Morenia just as enemy armies invaded. Now encamped in the kingdom of Sarmonia, she must make the hardest bargain of her life: negotiating safety for herself, her beloved king, and his heir, even as she struggles to control mystical powers that rise within her.

Praise for The Glasswright Series
“Klasky tells a strong, straightforward, and convincing story full of entertaining twists and turns. Her first book marked her as a writer to be watched, and those that have followed have been every bit as good or better.” —San Francisco Chronicle on The Glasswrights’ Test

“Talented new author Mindy Klasky makes her debut . . . Ms. Klasky creates remarkably shaded characters, especially the heroine, who through flawed choices, learns in the end she can only speak truth. The result is an absorbing read indeed; look for this author to develop in fascinating ways.” —Romantic Times on The Glasswrights’ Apprentice

“Enter Mindy L. Klasky, to turn the genre on its ear. Or, at the very least, to shake it up a bit. Her Glasswrights’ series hinges on the actions of mere mortals—no elves, dragons or monsters need apply. . . . The strength of Klasky’s book lies in the emotion of its subjects.” —Green Man Review on The Glasswrights’ Progress

Ms. Klasky spins a finely crafted story with believable characters and devious plot developments.” —Romantic Times on The Glasswrights’ Journeyman
Mindy Klasky is an American fantasy novelist, best known for her Glasswrights’ Guild series. She graduated from Princeton University, and prior to becoming a full-time author, held numerous positions, including lawyer and librarian. Klasky is also the author of the As You Wish series and two standalone novels. She is the recipient of the Barnes & Noble Maiden Voyage Award.

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