Heart Of Shadows by Bethany M. Sefchick

Heart Of Shadows

By Bethany M. Sefchick

  • Publication Date: 2013-02-10
  • Genre: Contemporary

Book Overview

Ghosts, Inc. – where the paranormal is normal!

It’s the holiday season and to the world at large, Mia Thorpe is living her dream.  As the head of her own paranormal investigation agency, Ghosts, Inc., she seems to have everything she’s ever wanted, including a lucrative television contract with the Alternate Reality Channel for a new series featuring her investigators and her ex-lover working by her side.  However, Mia is also harboring a terrible secret, one that could destroy everything if it ever came to light.

Tim Hawthorne has loved Mia since they were teenagers, well, at least until she disappeared without a trace.  When she mysteriously returned several years ago, asking him to join her newly formed ghost hunting team, she was cold and remote, even angry.  But how could he turn away from the only woman he’d ever loved?  He couldn’t and it’s been pure torture every day since, working side by side with her but never being able to crack her icy shell.

Then, one frigid December day, Albert Holdsteadt appears at the Ghosts, Inc. offices, asking for Mia’s help.  He needs to find his granddaughter before her kidnappers sell her for their own illegal purposes.  Or worse.  Shamed by her fears and goaded by Tim, Mia reluctantly takes on the case, knowing that once she uses her paranormal abilities he will be able to find her and she’ll have to face her past.  But if she confesses everything, will Tim still care about her or will she destroy the last good thing in her life?

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