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Recent Reviews

  • Moonstone Beach

    By Bec.OinTX
    Great book. It kept me interested at first then I was obsessed to keep reading, so much so that I'm sleep deprived. Sad I finished it but will start the next series.
  • Moonstone Beach

    By UP Sherwood
    Book is a nice story with interesting tidbits along the way. I do recommend this book. The story moves along nicely.
  • Moonstone Beach by Linda Seed

    By LuvsKU
    The story was everything I hoped for in a romance novel. It gave me insight into the characters background and shared their highs and lows and things about their friends/confidants. I fell in love and rooted for the main characters and experienced their hurt through the eyes of the Author. It left me wanting more of Jackson and Kate and their friends.
  • Moonstone Beach

    By Hmz 1
    This book was ok until the author used God's name in vein many, many places. I tried to over look it & continue but, I just couldn't support a book that did that.
  • Moonstone Beach

    By NolaWin65
    My first and last book by this author. Absolutely no substance to this book. It was like being part of a really bad conversation that abruptly ends.
  • Great storyline

    By Coyotecactus
    Like the way this author writes. Good book for adults.
  • Amazing!

    By Pinkgirlrayray
    Excellent romantic read with a great plot. It wasn't too slow, and it had a fantastic setting and charming characters!
  • Real

    By baseballgirl123
    Two adults who fall in love, with a little humor, some help from their meddling friends and a beautiful setting. Nicely done. A true plus? No typos or glaring grammatical errors. Can't wait for the second one.