Yuri: Greek. Biker. Billionaire. by Marian Tee

Yuri: Greek. Biker. Billionaire.

By Marian Tee

  • Publication Date: 2015-08-28
  • Genre: Contemporary
4 Score: 4 (From 55 Ratings)

Book Overview

His name was Yuri Athanas.
They called him the golden boy of the Afxisi, a college org during the day and an underground racing club at night.
Like his brothers, Yuri was rich, powerful, gorgeous, and devastatingly sexy.
Unlike his brothers, Yuri did not leave a trail of broken hearts behind him.
Yuri was the angel amidst all the other Greek devils, they said.
I liked hearing that about him. It gave me hope that when we do meet again, he would remember his promise, and he would keep it.
He would take one look at me and he wouldn’t mind that I wasn’t…okay.
He wouldn’t mind I wasn’t…normal.
If he was everything I prayed he would be, he’d take one look at me and love me, like he had promised.

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Recent Reviews

  • another billionaire

    By going for the MAT
    minor plot differences but same old crap, same as the books in the 80's all about millionaires. this century it'll be billionaires, and next? same recycled stories in 2104, but next they'll be trillionaires i guess.
  • This story puzzled me and..

    By Feelrefreshed
    ...delighted me. I wasn’t sure I like it as the drama unfolded but by the end I was hooked and felt like I was a witness to two damaged people sharing their imperfect/perfect for them love. Only thing I would change is more details. I never read any stories by author or this series before. So I was confused on who Madam was, how/when she was freed. About what happened to fiancé and his family and how her mother helped his Sister get away from their Father. Also what is the deal with club, college, etc.
  • LOVE IT!!

    By Liillyy09
    I LOVED IT!!! One of my favorite authors! It made me cry and laugh.. I barely finished it and now I can't wait till the next one comes out!!