England: A History by R. J. White

England: A History

By R. J. White

  • Publication Date: 2015-07-08
  • Genre: Europe

Book Overview

English history is the story of a people who first settled an island off the coast of continental Europe thousands of years ago and went on to rule most of the known world. This fascinating book spans centuries and shows how people like Richard the Lionheart and Elizabeth I and events such as the Norman Conquest and the defeat of the Spanish Armada shaped not just Britain but the world as we know it.

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Recent Reviews

  • Fact From Fiction

    By John David Grace
    I recently watched the Tudors miniseries and was eager to separate historical fact from historical fiction. Turns out the real Tudors were every bit as shrewd, cunning, and bloodthirsty as the fictionalized ones. But there’s much more here than English kings and queens. I was fascinated by the Norman Conquest and the details surrounding the rule of Oliver Cromwell. I give this book five stars for its readability.