Transcend by Stacy Claflin


By Stacy Claflin

  • Publication Date: 2015-05-29
  • Genre: Paranormal
4.5 Score: 4.5 (From 9 Ratings)

Book Overview

Eylin is hiding in the underground city from the group of ancients who want her dead, but she’s not safe even there. On the other side of some massive tunnels, an unknown group is systematically removing magic from each underground city.

As pressure mounts, Eylin has big decisions to make, and each could have deadly consequences. After being personally attacked, she makes a bold decision, and goes after it with the hopes of saving those she loves.

She becomes deeply invested in an ancient culture. If she gets too close, she could put all of her loved ones at risk.

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Recent Reviews

  • Transcend

    By Katiebelle04
    I have read this entire series and still can not get over how hooked I am. I have loved absolutely every minute of each and every book. I bought this book around 1 am and finished it around 5 pm the next day. I just can't seem to put any of these down. The ending of this book definitely threw me for a loop. I knew Blake would come back, because how could he not? Of course he would come back right in the middle of Eylin's wedding! I absolutely can not wait to read the next book now!